Lake Tekapo and Lake Wanaka

After five days in Auckalnd, Kevin, Joe, and I picked up Blake at the airport and immediately boarded a plane to the south island.  We flew into Christchurch, rented our six person RV camper van, and drove to the town of Lake Tekapo.  We spent two nights in Tekapo and then drove a few hours to the ski town of Lake Wanaka.  I am going to let the photos do the talking on this post, but a few highlights from the last  three days:

– Hiking to the summit of Mt. John.  At the top there was a 360 degree view of white mountain peaks, along with the view of crystal claer blue water of Lake Tekapo below.  We got up early enough to watch the sunrise over the mountains while we were hiking.

– Sitting in the hot springs at Tekapo with the view of the lake and mountains.

– Playing cards and drinking wine outside of our camper in Lake Wanaka…again, beautiful lake views with mountains in the background.

– Talking to people from all over the world at the pub in Wanaka.  I think Joe and I talked to people from the UK, Ireland, Holland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and America.  Talk about an international ski town.

– We met two professional female skiers from Germany.  They are looking to qualify for the Olympics.-

– I left some of Dad’s ashes at the top of Mount John and in Lake Tekapo…he would have loved it!



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