The Carry-On is not a typical travel blog.  It is a travel blog with a spiritual purpose.  Of course, The Carry-On will contain magnificent pictures of exotic lands and anecdotes of my adventures.  However, its purpose extends far beyond those pictures and stories. You see, I am traveling the world with my dead father—well, with his ashes tucked into my Carry-On bag.  We will cross the world together—six continents—and a little bit of my dad will remain in each special place.

This blog is about carrying on after tragic loss…it is about finding inspiration and joy in diverse smiles in far-away places…it is about healing.  Ultimately, this blog is about my journey to honor a man who has given so much to me; a man whose last words to me as I left to teach in Africa were, “make memories.”  Those words, make memories, reigned loudly in my mind when I learned of his death en-route to Africa, and they are still fresh on my mind today.  I will make memories but I will not be alone because my dad will be with me, just as he has always been.

Through the grief and loss of someone dear I have learned that it is my time to Carry-On with my adventurous journey…our journey.

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